Please see our Covid Procedures for full details. 

Ages 4.5 – 14.
Campers are grouped by age and stay with their groups for sports and activities throughout the day. Small group ratios help us foster an inclusive environment built on safety and successes. 
Group sizes will not exceed a ratio of 1 counselor per 10 campers.
 Groups are named for local sports teams and the campers love representing their groups!
We will do our best to honor all friend requests. Friend requests can be submitted with camper registration or emailed to us at  If the children vary in age, they may be moved to the younger age group. This is common with sibling requests. 
*In order for us to match requests, the names must exactly match the friend's registration form. 

This is the number one question from new parents! We have been running summer camps since 1998 so we completely understand the need to keep campers hydrated and cool. The campers have fun playing inside and outside throughout the day. We love our facilities! Each location allows us use of their indoor gym, classrooms, and cafeteria. In these spaces, the kids have a great time playing sports and games inside! If an activity, like archery or water slides, requires being outside, the staff is very aware and attentative to the camper needs.

All campers: Gym shoes (no open toe shoes)
Water bottle
A well-fitting mask with your name on it

Full day campers: Self-cooled lunch Mon-Thurs.
Swimsuit, towel, and shoes to wear during afternoon water activities. Campers may wear their swimsuit/trunks at camp during the day.

DO NOT bring any valuables or distractions (electronics, cell phones or personal items).

While some of the city pools are opening for swim, they are NOT allowing groups of any size, which means we cannot take our campers swimming. 

We will have water days on Mondays and Fridays and water slides on Wednesdays!

At Camp Hubbard, we believe that Summer is the time to spend unplugged, away from the screens and technology. With that philosophy, we will not allow campers to be on their phones during camp. We also acknowledge that cell phones are necessary for some family situations. Therefore, if phones are brought onto campus, they will be turned over to the Camp Director who will keep them stored for the entirety of the day, until the camper goes home. If parents need to get in touch with their campers, they can call our camp phones which connect to the director on site.

Snacks: Animal Crackers, Goldfish, Cheez-Its, or Wheat Thins are provided to all campers in the morning. Campers with dietary restrictions please bring an appropriate snack to camp.  
Lunch: Full day campers only.  Monday-Thursday: Campers bring a self-cooled lunch.
 Friday: Pizza Fridays! Camp Hubbard provides lunch.
 Nut allergies - campers with allergies sit at a separate table. Friends are welcome to sit with them if their lunch does not contain nuts.

Everyday at camp will be Kiss & Go drop off and pick up for both full-day and half-day campers. Temperature checks will be taken before the campers get out of the vehicles.
Drop off is between 8:20-8:35.
Pick up for half day campers is at 12:00 and at 3:30 for full day.

Parents will call the on-site camp phone if needing to pick up or drop off a camper outside the designated Kiss & Go times. Staff members will meet the parent outside for the handoff of the camper.

Extended Stay is offered from 7:30am-6:00pm.
Campers participate in open gym, organized group games, quiet time, board games, coloring, etc.

WEEKLY: Sign up when you register online.
$25 for morning care only (7:30am – 8:00am).
$50 for afternoon care (7:30am – 6:00pm), includes morings if needed

SIBLING DISCOUNT: Each additional sibling receives 50% off weekly extended stay fees.

DAILY: Credit card on file is automatically charged if camper stays for daily extended stay. Please tell a staff member if your child plans to use extended stay that day. $5 per day for morning care/$15 per day for afternoon care.

FEES There is no pro-rating. Each minute past 6:00pm is $1 a minute.

If your child needs medication administered during the day, you must provide the medication in the original prescription packaging. If medication comes in pill form, only the anticipated amount for the week should be sent to camp.
Medications must be given to the Camp Director and will be stored in a secured area, administered by trained staff at the appropriate time, with documentation of administration.

Rescue medications (Epi-pens, inhalers) can be kept in camper possession as long as their proper use has been denoted on the camper Medical Form.

All medications will be sent home at the end of each week.

Camp Hubbard does not stock over-the-counter medications and cannot administer any that are not listed on the camper Medical Form. All over-the-counter medications should be given to the Director. They must be in the original packaging.

All medications will be sent home at the end of each week.

The camper Medical Form is filled out at the time of registration. Should you need to add any additional medications since the time of registration, please fill out this Medication Permission Form and bring it with your camper on the first day of attending. 

Open House went virtual! Learn about our mission, programs, and culture here! .

Half-day campers may opt to move to full-day during the week or on specific days if space is available. Due to number of seats on the bus, afternoon spots are limited at St. Bernadette. Reminder to bring a lunch, Monday through Thursday! Email us at or tell the camp director in the morning when you check-in. We will charge your card on file. The additional charge is $13 a day.

A $25 late fee will be applied to all camper registrations that are submitted after 10:00am on Friday for the following week. This will not be applied during the first two weeks of camp, but will start June 4.  

IF your camper has already attended a full week of camp this summer, he/she qualifies for Single Day registration. We require a week of prior attendance because we want campers to be comfortable in the camp environment and familiar with the staff and schedule.  
Single Day registrations can only attend for the full day. Space is limited.  
Siblings discount do not apply.  
Full Day - 8:30-3:30pm - $80. 

Yes, camp does fill up on certain weeks. Register now to secure your spot! We will have a waitlist if the camp reaches max capacity.