FULL DAY (8:30-3:30PM) & HALF DAY (8:30-12:00PM)


What we do -- We teach campers to love being active and how to play. We provide an encouraging environment that makes learning fun and exciting. Campers discover new skills through games and activities. Their enthusiasm and self-confidence grows along with their skills. Campers leave camp proud of their accomplishments!


We love our staff because they LOVE camp! They are engaged in the activities while working with the campers and fellow staff members. They understand the importance of physical and emotional safety. They have a strong passion for working with children and want to make your camper feel special!

Our camp directors are teachers who have experience in the classroom working with children and parents. They oversee the coaches, counselors, and campers and communicate with the parents. They are available to help make sure every child has a positive experience.


The hiring process for all staff includes interviews, background checks, drug tests, and a staff orientation. Our staff members are CPR and First-Aid certified. Our lifeguards are Starguard certified.


Small group ratios help us foster an inclusive environment built on safety and successes. The age range for groups are determined by the number and age of campers registered for each week. Group sizes will not exceed 22 campers. Each group has a designated male and female counselor. Coaches are present offering instruction at different sports. Groups are named for local sports teams (Diamondbacks, Coyotes, Cardinals, Sun Devils, etc.) and the campers love representing their groups!


Summer is the time to unplug and connect with one another. We value face to face interactions, building relationships, and creating friendships. Campers learn to work in a group environment, and grow socially and emotionally while developing physical skills.